Dream Cooker™

A meticulously-designed multicooker that makes cooking a dream 

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Why You'll Love It

It’s the multicooker of your dreams. Make fork-tender meats, fluffy whole grains, flavor-rich broths, all in record time with its ultra-efficient, pressurized powers.

  • An all-in-one multicooker that can save you up to 80% of your cooking time.*
    • *Comparing pressure cooking to slow cooking methods.
  • The 6-quart (or 9 cups of rice!) inner pot, with a toxin-free nonstick coating, combines the powers of pressure cooking, slow cooking, sauteing, and more
  • Set it and forget it with hands-free steam release, automatic keep warm, and nine advanced safety features
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Efficient Multifunctional Design

With 80% faster cook times* and all-in-one design, the Dream Cooker™ gives efficiency a whole new meaning.

A First for Multicookers

Beautifully designed to live on your countertop so you can use it easily and always.

4 Modes to Do It All

Four modes — each versatile in their own right — unlock new ways to cook, directly on your countertop.

The All New Tailored-To-You Control Panel

dream cooker display window

This is a tabbed carousel with two sets of pagination buttons

Three Easy Steps

Skip the complicated presets. This streamlined panel relies on time, temperature, and mode to create endlessly customizable cooking situations. No more being boxed in.

Hands-Free Steam Release

Take the pressure out of pressure cooking with automated steam release. Yep, it really doesn’t get any easier than setting it, leaving it, and coming back to perfectly cooked…anything!

Time is On Your Side

Whether you’re using the Dream Cooker™ to speed things up or slow cook for later, time is within your control for once in your life!

Mix and Match Modes

Some recipes call for a melange of modes, and we’re here for it! Brown your meats on sear before slow braising them, and then keep everything warm until you’re ready to eat.

    Dream Cooker™, Up Close

    dream cooker - steam, spice, and blue salt

    Getting Technical

      1. Dream Cooker™

      2. Cooker Base

      3. Locking Lid

      4. Inner Cooking Pot

      5. Condensation Collector

      6. Power Cord

      1. Dimensions
        • 15.2 in. height; 12.4 in. diameter; 13.3 in. depth
      2. Weight
        • 12.9 lbs
      3. Capacity
        • 6 qt

        The Dream Cooker™ can fit:

        • 9 cups of rice 
        • 8 servings of stew
      4. Features
        • Advanced built-in safety features 
        • Automatic, hands-free steam release 
        • Integrated touch-screen controls 
        • Stay-cool while cooking exterior 
        • Pressure cook up to 80% faster than traditional methods*

        *Comparing pressure cooking to slow cooking methods.

      5. Modes
        • Pressure Cook
        • Slow Cook
        • Saute/Sear
        • Keep Warm
      6. Material(s)
        • Cooker Base: Plastic
        • Lid Top: Plastic
        • Lid Underside: Stainless Steel
        • Inner Cooking Pot: Aluminum with a toxin-free ceramic nonstick coating
      7. Wattage & Voltage
        • 1200W
        • 120V
      8. Temperature & Pressure
        • Low (good for slow cooking) 
        • Medium (moderate pressure) 
        • High (high pressure yielding faster results)
      9. Timer
        • Pressure Cook: 00:01–02:00
        • Slow Cook: 00:30–12:00
        • Saute/Sear: 00:01–01:00
        • Keep Warm: 00:30–12:00

    How It Compares

    Built-in safety features

    Easy control panel

    Design + looks

    Toxin-free materials

    multicooker illustration

    Other Multicookers


    Too many buttons and presets you never use

    Unattractive; the kind of appliance you want to hide in the pantry

    Many are stainless steel, and food will stick to the surface and make it difficult to clean

    dream cooker - blue salt

    Dream Cooker™ 

    Comes with nine safety features

    An all-new intuitive, simple, no presets control panel

    Designed to seamlessly integrate into your kitchen’s interiors

    Inner cooking pot is coated with our proprietary toxin-free ceramic nonstick coating

    pressure cooker illustration

    Stovetop Pressure Cooker


    No controls at all

    Bulky and old-fashioned


    A Century of Experience

    Meet the Team Behind the Dream Cooker™

    10 prototype sampling rounds. More than 10,000 hours of testing. 115-plus years of product design, development, and manufacturing experience. Our team put the Dream Cooker™ through many rigorous (and delicious) months of trials and modifications to create the best multicooker your kitchen has ever seen. 

    dream cooker team


    In short, anything you can dream of. The first meals we think of are all the delicious soups, stews, curries, and chilis that you’re going to make, whether slow cooked all day and pressure cooked with speed. Beyond that, it’s great for any and all whole grains from sweet morning oats to savory wild rices. The Dream Cooker™ provides fail-proof methods for turning tough cuts of meat into fork-tender braises, so dig up your favorite recipes for galbi-jjim and pozole. With its 6-quart capacity, it’s perfect for cooking multiple things at once, such as meat and potatoes or rice and vegetables. Basically, it makes one pot meals easier than ever and you’re going to love the results.